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Red 1980s Sony Digimatic ICF-C3L Digital Clock Radio


Looking rather like the Audio Quattro from “Life On Mars” this is the Sony ICF-C3L Digimatic Digital Clock Radio. It’s apt because it’s from that era and shares the colour and shape – it’s a kind of no-nonsense smoothed rectangular shape with the bulk of the front being a band of clear plastic behind which the black section houses the clock display and tuner. The top of the unit houses all of the controls., whilst the sides are therefore uncluttered. In terms of features it has most of what you’d expect – alarm, snooze, sleep, and a three band FM/MW/LW receiver.  In its original form it shipped with a colour matched red plug, and we have continued that with a replacement red plug, albeit it’s not quite as vivid a colour!
Approximate dimensions 19cm across the front, with a depth of 13cm and a height of just under 7cm
In excellent working condition and it really does shout “80s”.


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