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Ross Digital Clock Radio / Personal Stereo Cassette Player


Imagine for a moment… a digital clock radio with cassette which one moment sits by your bedside and then the next becomes a personal stereo cassette player for you to use when out, I don’t know, rollerblading in your neon leggings and tie-dyed top [that’s a reference to the 1980s in case you didn’t get it]. Well, if you imagined that and it sounds like something you just have got to own, then this is the item for you. It’s made by Ross and is gloriously plastic-ky and does exactly as described in your imagination. It’s a mains-powered digital clock radio/cassette player with the latter detachable to become a battery-powered personal stereo. The radio is AM and FM, you can wake to a buzzer or to the radio and it has a “snooze” function. It does everything that a digital clock radio should do, except for the detachable personal stereo part, which is unusual to say the least…!

Cosmetically, it’s in reasonably good condition, though at some point in its past the power cable has been wrapped around the unit and this has led to what can only be described as surface indentations where the plastics have interacted. It’s otherwise good, despite these marks and overall the styling does enough to distract from these imperfections.

Offers welcomed on this rather strange item!


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