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Set of four 1970s blue “flower power” cups and saucers by Staffordshire Potteries Ltd.


A very bright and cheerful set of four cups and saucers, designed by Elayne Fallon for Staffordshire Potteries Ltd.  The blue kaleidoscope-style “flower power” pattern of the cups is accompanied by equally splendid bright blue saucers. If you want a truly retro cuppa then this set might just fit the bill. 1974, Baby!

This set is clean and free of cracks and fully stamped, though one or two saucer stamps are somewhat indistinct. If we were nit-picking we would say that there’s the odd blemish to the glaze in a few places and the bases are a little bit rough, but they are in excellent shape overall and certainly eye-catching!

The saucers have a diameter of 14cm (5½ in.) and a depth of 2cm (¾ in.). The cups have a rim diameter of 9cm (3½ in.) and a height of 6.5cm (2½ in.)


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