Set of three Washington Pottery “Flower Power” design plates


Usually when we mention a “flower power” design it’s a generic term for the kind of bold floral designs typical of the 1960s and 1970s, but in this case it’s a literal label. These are  “Flower Power” design plates by Washington Pottery, the same people who brought funky fish and colourful cows to our tables, in their “Aquarius” and “Beefeater” ranges respectively.

Each plate features a single flower in bright and bold colours and a suitably funky design and we have three of them here. They measure approximately 23cm / 9 in in diameter and all three have stamps to their underside. They are almost dinner plate size, though these are more likely to be decorative pieces, we would think. There are some small surface losses to the designs and some marks – a kind of discolouration – throughout the three plates as well as kiln marks, and one plate has a small nick to it. However, these are hard to come by and make a great ensemble, so these imperfections have to be seen in that context.

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