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Set of Vintage Airweigh Letter Balance Scales with weights and original box


A set of vintage weighing scales, dating from the 1950s and made by the Universal Woodworking Co. of Birmingham. Designed to be used for weighing letters and printed papers for inland posting, the scales measure up to 8oz with the weights provided in various configurations, with the largest at 4oz and the two smallest at ½oz.  The base is of a heavy black metal construction with chromed scales for the item to be weighed and the weights to be placed. The dial and cost guide is in good condition. Overall, a good-looking and unusual item complete with its original box in very good condition and a good example of packaging of the era.

The scales measure approximately 24 cm across the front by 8.5 cm deep by 8 cm high (9½ in. by 3¼ in. by 3 in. approx.) and are in good used condition.


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