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Spear’s Games “The Merry Game of Floundering” (1950s)


The vintage game of Floundering by Spears, this edition dating from the 1950s, is a dice-based game where players “catch” or “poach” pieces in order to form fish shapes —  flounders, naturally. This one is complete with all pieces (to make 12 fish in total), 2 dice and instructions printed on the underside of the lid. The game does not include the original dice roller / beaker, but that’s not too major a loss. The playing pieces are in good condition considering their age and use, as is the box which has some slight wear to the edges and some ink on one side to the word “Floundering” (see photos).

It’s good vintage fun, and we’re not just angling for a sale when we say that.


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