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Square White Remington Swiss-Made Minimalist Wall Clock


If you like things nice and simple, but stylish too, and you need a wall clock that will look the part in almost any room, then this Swiss-made Remington might just be the thing. An uncompromisingly minimalist design, consisting of an out-sized white square with a streamlined dial and hands  (simple black hands for hours and minutes, and a red hand for seconds), behind a square slab of clear plastic. It ticks all the boxes (sorry for the pun!) when it comes to clarity and readability. Perfect for the office, for the kitchen, in fact anywhere, though it should be noted that this is not a silent sweep clock:  it emits a gentle ticking sound.

The clock measures 19cm by 19cm with a depth of approximately 5cm when hung (7½ in. square by 2in. deep) and takes a size “C” battery. It is in fully working condition and has an adjuster dial to maintain its time-keeping. In terms of condition, there are some flaws though they are not immediately noticeable (we think). There is some minor discolouration to the face from sun exposure, and the perspex front has some minor scratches, but more seriously damage has been inflicted to the underside of the clock’s case plastics. Please see the photos for more information. Repairs have been made to the case and it has been resprayed, so you would be hard-pushed to notice these flaws in ordinary use. We think it’s a good repair job – both cosmetically and structurally – but the buyer should be aware before purchasing.  With this in mind, reasonable offers are welcomed on this item.


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