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Swatch Twin Phone – Transparent Orange with Yellow Accents


Yes, Swatch made telephones as well as watches, and yes, this telephone really does have all the Swatch hallmarks. The coloured transparent body with colourful accents and sleek styling is *exactly* what you’d expect. The Swatch Twin Phone is not only a “looker” though, it also had a rather novel twist: as the name implies the telephone could be used by two people on the same call, with the handset and the body of the telephone both featuring ear and mouthpieces! This model has a deep orange (almost red) body with bright cyan and yellow accents. So 80s, or what?!

Whether you use it as a replacement landline telephone or simply marvel at the design on a shelf or side table, the Swatch Twin Phone will surely turn heads.

This one has not been function-tested and comes without its original box, but it is in excellent condition.


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