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Vintage 1970s MB Games Computer Battleship MB Electronics – 1977


With its distinctive (and not at all annoying) soiund effects and electronc target selection, MB Electronics took the traditional “seek and destroy” game of battleships to a new level with the launch of this computerised version in 1977. Certainly, for those of us of a certain age, *this* was most definitely on our wish lists…

The computerisation comes in the form of “recording” the location of each player’s ships and then with the co-ordinate firing system, which remembers those locations and reacts accordingly. All of this computerisation is accompanied by beeps, naturally, and appropriate sound effects for missed and hit targets and ultimately for complete destriuction of a player’s fleet. It’s a lot of fun and extremely nostalgic. We know this because it has been tested as working!

This one comes complete with all vessels and counters and instruction booklet (which you will probably need!). The battery terminals are good and clean (often they aren’t). The outer box isn’t going to win any prizes for aesthetics, but it functions and all of the inner packaging is present and in good order.


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