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Vintage 1980s Grundig ESC20 Digital Clock Radio with multiple alarms and calendar


Graphite Grey? Check.
Plastic? Check.
Red LED Display? Check.
Weird Shape? Check.
1980s? Most definitely.

This Grundig ESC20 digital clock radio has all the hallmarks of its time and a few tricks too. Not only a standard digital alarm clock radio with all the features you might expect, but also multiple alarms (alarm 1, alarm 2, and both alarm 1 and alarm 2), a calendar function. It’s also unusual in that the current alarm is displayed for convenience – no need to guess or press anything to find out when it’s going to go off next. Aside from that, the design is pure 80s – a big and clear red LED display housed inside a triangular wedge of a body which is a dark graphite grey colour with a subtle metallic finish. The tuning and volume knobs are prominent on one side and there is a ribbed effect to the plastic on this side and similarly on the opposite side and around the back of the casing.

The unit uses a PP3 battery as a clock back up and this is housed in a compartment to the rear underneath. The battery compartment cover is missing on this particular unit, but it doesn’t affect it. Also missing is an instruction manual but it’s easy to figure out. A sliding mode selector is on the front of the unit and that determines the functions of the buttons on the extreme left of the main panel display. Alarm selection is also managed on the front of the unit. On the left hand side of the unit is a small sliding selector for display brightness.  On the right hand side of the unit are the previously mentioned tuning and volume adjustment knobs and below them a switch for the radio band (FM or MW)

In very good condition and fully functional. There is some minor surface grazing to the top of the unit where the snooze button resides. The unit measures approximately 19 cm (7½ in.) across the front, with a height and depth of approximately 11.5 cm  (4½ in.) and 14.5 cm (6 in.) respectively.


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