Vintage Belgian Multi-Lingual Dark Green and Opaline Glass Condiment Set


A very attractive little condiment set of salt, pepper and mustard pots, with a couple of unusual features. First, is the opaline / milk glass bottle bodies which form a high-contrast pairing with the dark green plastic screw tops. Second, is the labelling of the bottles which is not just in one or two languages, but rather in four – there are English, French, German and Dutch labels on each of these! Accompanying this multi-lingual wording is a banded floral design in dark green with plenty of scrolls and flourishes to complete the unusual look.

The salt and pepper pots are approximately 11cm (4¼ in.) in height with a base diameter of 4.5cm (1¾ in.), whilst the mustard pot is slightly taller at 11.5cm (4½ in.) with a base diameter of 7.5cm (3 in.). All three are in excellent condition, with no chips or cracks and very little signs of wear and age. The pepper dispenser has some slight discoloration to the plastic from past use.

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