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Vintage Black Microlite Telescopic Desk Light


Good things come in little packages, and this vintage “Microlite” telescopic desk light in stylish black livery is no exception. In great condition compared to many of its type, this lamp features two levels of illumination, a very compact form, and a highly adjustable telescopic head. It’s not only a practical light for illuminating small spaces but it’s a good-looking object in itself which takes up very little space when folded in on itself.

It is fully functional, has few significant signs of wear and tear, and has little of the plastic discolouration and loss of surface which sometimes besets these lamps. Notably, the white plastic sections and body have retained much of their original tone unlike many examples.  The only imperfection to an otherwise excellent condition status is the presence on the underside of some lightly etched initials. These could be painted out/obscured if required.


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