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Vintage Danish Kay Bojesen Hanging Fur and Teak Wood Figure


Almost certainly made by Kay Bojesen, this vintage Danish figure with wooden teak body and long articulated arms and fur hair is often referred to as a caveman. Caveman, gorilla, ape… who knows, but what is certain is that this smiling figure – who can either hang from his hands or can stand in position – has quirkiness in abundance. with painted noise, eyes and mouth and oversized hands and feet.

The figure measures 18cm (7 in.) approximately in length from head to toe and 28cm (11 in.) in span from hand to hand with arms outstretched. It will hang from a nail or hook, or from a shelf, or can free stand with a little persuasion. He’s in good condition considering his age, just suffering from some slight fuzzying of his fur around the eyes, some gaps to the fur around his legs, and some wear to the painted surfaces.


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