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Vintage Eichhoff-Werke E3370 Orange and White Desk Lamp “Lampina”


A small “Lampina” desk lamp with distinctive semi-ball shaped head made by Eichhoff-Werke of West Germany in a very fetching orange and white colour scheme. This is an uncommon lamp with all the vintage vibes a person could ask for, dating as it does from the 1960s-1970s, but also with very practical features for contemporary use.

The metal telescopic stem allows for adjustability of length from approximately 13cm to 37cm and features a rotating top section to allow the shade to be positioned in the required direction. This flexibility is emphasised by an additional angle adjustment on the shade itself for further positioning.

The sturdy base (approximately 12cm x 8cm x 5cm) is predominately plastic with a slight texture and houses a reassuringly solid switch and a hinge allowing the telescopic stem to be angled from the vertical to just a few degrees above the horizontal. The two part shade is approximately 8cm in diameter around its middle with an opening of about 5cm and is vented to the rear. The lamp takes a standard small bayonet B15 bulb – a “pygmy” size bulb looks best in conjunction with it.


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