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Vintage Hitachi Moon Light Model 506 Wing Style Desk Lamp 1966


A “wing” style fluorescent tube desk lamp with one of the most distinctive and more attractive bases for a lamp of this type, this is the Hitachi “Moon Light” a.k.a. Model 506 – this one made in 1966. The wing shade housing the tube is white whilst much is made of the heavy base with a glossy black finish to the square shape, the surface of which comprises a slightly raised circular silver metallic piece with “Hitachi” branding in the middle of it, and a white push button switch opposite the gooseneck upright. It’s rather good and rather unusual, and is very much the styling of its time.

This particular one has some wear and tear to the base – notably to the corners of the black box and some scuffing to the silver – and has suffered damage to part of its shade plastics (to the left hand side corner and edge). At some point in the past the latter damage has been given some repair, including remodelling and a respray (there are some signs of a green paint, probably also not original). It’s not perfect by any mean, but it’s also not too noticeable: certainly not bad enough to warrant being re-done and risk more damage. The lamp has been left “as is” because the overall look and the striking styling of the lamp absolutely overwhelms these shortcomings, in least in our opinion. Reasonable offers are invited for this item in its current state.

The lamp shade measures apprximately 50cm (20 in.) across and 8cm (3 in.) deep, with a height of 4cm (1½ in.) – all measurements are maximums. The base is approximately 13 cm (5 in.) square with a height of 4cm (1½ in.).  The fixed part of the stand has a height of about 22cm (9 in.), whilst the gooseneck has an extended length of 14cm (6cm).


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