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Vintage Paddock Tidy Anti-Warp Record Storage


Probably a “must-have” item for any discerning collector of vinyl back-in-the-day, this Paddock Tidy made by Power Judd promised anti-warp storage for those carefully procured and precious discs. It features two curved diamond shaped spring-loaded vertical “shelves” in between two guitar body shaped end panels – well, why not!? The end result for the present day collector is a very effective method of storage with the extra appeal of truly vintage looks – we reckon this is a 1960s-era or early 70s item.

The entire unit is easily disassembled and re-assembled – via rounded bolts, screws, gripping collars and metal supports. The metal and ply sections are all in good shape considering their age, but with signs of use particularly to the end plates where there is some superficial wear and tear. Functionally, however, it’s all good news. The springs have good tension and as you can see from our photos, it does exactly what it says it should.  According to a review: “The […] self-adjusting panels in a Paddock ‘tidy’ hold records upright and pressed together in a neat and tidy condition. Whether it holds 1 or 100 records, each one is held upright with the correct pressure applied, yet allowing easy removal or replacement of records.”

The final assembled unit measures approximately 34cm (13½ in) high, 30 cm (12in) from front to back and 20cm (8in) width. It packs flat to just a few centimetres in height.


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