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Vintage Japanese Kanto Gosei Kogyo KK Intercom Telephones


More than slightly unusual, and with a great retro technology look, these vintage Japanese intercom telephones are distinctive and appealing simply as decorative display pieces. Made by Kanto Gosei Kogyo (KK) they were intended as a serious method of office or workplace communication, not as toys, an intent backed up by the original sticker on one of the handsets offered here which reads: “Phone must be put back in marked area.”  Each handset can “call” the other by lifting it off the surface (triggering the latch underneath) and pressing the button. This rings the other handset and when that one is lifted up the two are connected and the users can speak to each other. Having said that, these are being sold as interesting decorative pieces or quirky display items first and foremost.

These are in good cosmetic condition considering their age, with just minor signs of wear to the plastics. The mouthpieces and buttons have become more of a cream colour than their original white, it is suspected. In terms of functionality they do require some work in order for them to work as intended. They successfully ring each other as described above and there are hints at voice connection from the speakers, but a re-wire is required in order for them to fully operate as they should. Each handset is approximatley 25cm (10 in.) in height. Each handset requires 2 “C” size batteries in order to function.


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