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Vintage Selcol “Dolly Daydream” Plastic Dress Up Dolls


Made by Selcol in the late 1940s – but also made elsewhere under different brand names – “Dolly Daydream” is an early plastic toy doll which gave children the chance to dress up their favourite doll in a choice of outfits. Our selection here consists of two “Dolly Daydream” dolls which stand approximately 13cm (5 in.) high and four outfits, a long gown, a pinafore dress, a siren (trouser) suit, and a coat. All are intact with no breaks or cracks, which is remarkable given their age and undoubted use. There is some paint loss to all of the pieces, which has been left “as is” as renovation would remove much of their undoubted charm. These are unusual and charming items and it is hoped they find a new loving home…

Dolly had different names across the world. “Miss Birdie” was Fethalite’s version sold in Australia and Ideal Toys had their “Peggy” version in the US. The dolls came with slightly different outfits it seems, but are based on the same slightly hollowed out painted plastic doll figure.


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