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Vintage Sony ICF-C17L Digital Clock Radio, 1985


Dating from 1985, this is the Sony “Digimatic” ICF-C17L digital clock radio which is a very compact bedside electronic alarm and radio with a slanted design which one can only characterise as “very 80s”. It’s mostly a silver-coloured affair aside from the expanse of black at the front where the time display and tuner are situated. It also has a rather pleasing blue-green display and a rolling bar at the side for the volume and three position radio band selector. On top is a familiar style knob for the radio and alarm functions, common to many of the “Digitmatic” range – it’s a rotating selector with a push button to activate the time setting position so as to prevent accidental changes. Nice. A battery backup provides clock power in the event of the unit being unplugged or losing power. Also nice.

This one is in good condition where it counts – the display is nice and clear with only minimal superficial scratches and the body is on the whole in good condition. There’s some wear to the buttons on the top and to the corners, and the odd graze, but it’s far from being the worst we’ve seen. Overall, for a 35+ year old item which would have been used on a daily basis, it’s very good indeed. The unit measures 25cm long (9¾ in.) with a height of 9cm (3½ in.) and a depth of 8cm (3¼ in.)


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