Waddingtons Playworld Play Airport Children’s Activity Toy


Remarkably this airport-themed Playworld children’s activity toy by Waddingtons, which dates from 1982, has never been used. It features a set of thick card figures with plastic stands and wheels which can be used in conjunction with a set of thinner card playmats and story cards.

The plastics are still in their original bags and attached to their mounts and most of the figure shapes are retained in their original cards, although one or two have worked themselves free over time. The box is in quite good condition and has affixed to it the original price stickers.

A toy which is now uncommon and even less likely to be in this preserved state if you ever do stumble across one. We think it would suit an enthusiast of old games or of travel, or might make a quirky gift for a pilot or airline worker.  Or, perhaps, it might just get used for its original purpose, finally – and we’d absolutely love for that to happen as well.

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