1940s/50s V&E (Friedland) Moonlamp Nightlight


A “moonlamp” nightlight made by V&E Ltd. (aka Friedland – more famous for door bells and door chimes as we are sure you already know) in England.  This was intended to provide a low light level from a standard bayonet light fitting and was borne out of the necessity for lighting to be subdued from its normal level during wartime blackouts.  This version dates back to that time and beyond it into the 1950s and is fitted with an internal transformer to reduce the input voltage to safely power the small torch bulb inside.  Ours is in very good condition – no chips, cracks or significant scratches, and fully working. It also has the original label/collar around the base of the bulb.

The moonlamp nightlight is 110mm (4½in) long with a 55mm (2in) maximum diameter.

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