1950s Black and Cream Sgraffito Table Lamp Stand


An unusual table lamp stand, not only in the sense that it features a very attractive black and cream sgarffito design and elegant shape, but also in the sense that it is a survivor. Solid but made from a relatively delicate material, possibly a chalk variant, it’s done very well to remain mostly intact. It dates from the 1950s and probably has its origins on the continent  of Europe, possibly Spain.

The stand measures 28cm up to the bulb holder with a base diameter of just over 8cm. There are signs of age and use throughout and some minor losses, but in this particular case it just adds to the charm of the item. Almost certainly when it was first made it was a brighter white, but it has aged to a cream tone.

Please note:, this is only the lamp stand, no shade is provided.

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