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1970s Decca ECR-150 Electronic Clock Radio with Green LED Display


A fairly standard electronic clock radio from the 1970s, this is the Decca ECR-150 with all of the features you might expect from such a product of the time. What’s appealing about this one is how it’s delivered – in a silver housing with a forward facing display and a horizontal black panel with white labels containing most of the buttons, switches and other controls. “Space-age” is a dreadfully over-used term these days, but this certainly has a hint of it with the styling. The digital display is a very attractive green and this green is present also in the tuner section which illuminates when the radio is on.

There’s a dimmer function (high/low!), a three band radio, treble/bass switch (it’s either/or!), wake to buzzer or radio, a snooze function, and also a sleep function.

In good overall condition. Undoubtedly the silver plastic casing is less vibrant and less “metallic” than it once would have been and there are a few grazes to it and to the black control panel section. There are the remnants of a some attempts to “postcode” it along the right hand side and underneath – a surface etching, but nothing disastrously eye-catching!  The only other things to note are a slight dent to the snooze button and that the time and alarm set buttons require a little bit of wiggling to engage. But these things aside, this is a good-looking item of its time in a clean and tidy condition.

Measures approximately 28cm (11 in.) across the front, 19cm (7½ in.) from front to back and has a maximum height of 7cm (2¾ in.)



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