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Copal Model 702 Flip Alarm Clock in Pale Gold Aluminium


A rather chic and glamorous-looking Copal model 702 flip clock with pale gold coloured aluminium body and plastic sides. The clock has a slightly retro-looking black on white numeral display and a green light to indicate the activation of the alarm which illuminates the rolling alarm time display. That in itself is an unusual feature of this particular model. Cosmetically, this one is a good example of the model and it works flawlessly – the digits flip easily, the motor runs smoothly, and the alarm functions as it should.

The clock measures approximately 18cm (7 in.) wide, with a height of 8.5cm (3½ in.) and a depth of 11cm (4½ in.) and runs off a 50Hz AC power supply in the range of 180-260V and it is currently fitted with a standard UK three-pin plug.


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