Crescent Electronics ElectroCash 2000 Children’s Toy Cash Till


Thankfully this Crescent Electronics “ElectroCash 2000” children’s cash till toy survived the Millennium Bug, which means it can be offered for sale here. You might think this is nothing more than a glorified calculator dressed up as a cash register and we probably wouldn’t argue too much with that assessment! 😉  However, it’s a quirky toy from a time when the Year 2000 was indeed “The Future“.

So, yes, it’s a basic calculator with only addition, subtotal and total functions. It has a drawer which pings out when you press the green button. But, it also makes a squidgy “beep” noise every time you press a keypad button, so that’s rather special. It works. And actually, it’s in very good shape considering its age – it’s at least 40 years old – with no chips or cracks to the plastics. It takes a PP3 battery to provide those beeps and complicated mathematical solutions, the compartment for which is via the card base.

So, that’s it. In sum. We like it.

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