Estyma Jumbo LED Digital Alarm Clock E-801


The Big Time. This is an Estyma E-801 digital alarm clock which was badged as a “Micronta” in some regions and sold through Radio Shack. It’s a large and uncompromising slab of silvery-grey plastic with black contrasting sections typical of the 1980s. The bulk of the front is dominated by the LED display – the digits themselves are about 4.5 cm tall. The slim top surface has buttons for snooze, display brightness, alarm on/off and time and alarm time settings – button and switch controls in the same silvery-grey against a black recessed area.

In good overall condition, aside from some minor wear to the top edge of the front panel and some scratches to the front display. It is in good working order. Please note, the alarm on this is quite loud and rather disturbing – perfect if you’re a heavy sleeper though! 😉
The unit measures approximately 23 cm across the front, has a depth of 7cm and a height of 11cm.

In stock

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