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Vintage Hanson Small Chocolate Brown Plastic Desk Clock


With a chocolate brown and light brown colour scheme and numerals, this small Hanson desk alarm clock is a little plastic slice of retro style, which would look equally good in the kitchen, in a living space or the bedroom. The distinctively curved body – almost a truncated teardrop shape – houses a battery-powered movement and an alarm with a cream button on top to set/reset the latter.

The plastics are in relatively good shape, bar some superficial scratches. The clear plastic face of the clock has rather more signs of age and wear – there are a couple of reasonably lengthy scratches which are noticeable from certain angles, but there are no cracks or other structural issues.  Notwithstanding these cosmetic issues, overall the clock makes a fine piece and certainly has strong visual appeal due to its colours and shape.

The clock measures approximately 11.5cm (4½ in.) in height, including the button, 9.5 cm (3¾ in.) at its widest and has a depth of 7cm (2¾ in.). The width of the base is 7cm (2¾ in.).


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