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High Side Table / Plant Stand


A very good-looking, light but sturdy, high level side table or plant stand, with nice structural proportions and detailing. It arrived with us in a heavily stained condition, but we have taken the staining back to give the wood grain some exposure and given it a healthy finish with wax, so that the final result is a table which is slightly rustic, has lots of character, and has interesting colour tones throughout.

We do not have a definitive age for this item, but it appears to be well-used and the fixings are not modern, so we would suspect it is reasonably aged.  Having said that, please buy this because you like the look of it or can find a use for it, rather than any other reason. We bought it because of its form and potential good looks, so please consider it in the same way 😉

The table top measures approximately 37 cm by 38cm (14.5in by 15in), the table is 66cm (26in) high.


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