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Mid-Century Style Wood Spice Rack


Very much in the style of Habitat-designed spice racks – although this is a single decker rather than a double decker – this is the perfect complement to a mid-Century or Danish kitchen/dining room.  We don’t know much more about this other than that we like it and we hope you find it appealing too!  We suspect it’s from the same era as the Habitat teak spice racks and it’s not a bad homage in our opinion.

The rubber stoppers on the glass bottles are all present, although not providing an absolutely convincing airtight fit and the overall condition of the jars and the rack is very good. The rear has a minor blemish by virtue of its original price label – long since gone. The rack can be either hung via the hooks on the rear or left standing and measures 36cm by 10cm by 8cm (14in by 4in by 3¼in).


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