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Palitoy Fun Flyer – flying toy for younger children, 1979 – Made in Japan


Immune to the vagaries and unpredictableness of modern air travel, this is the Palitoy “Fun Flyer” from their “Discovery Time” range. It’s a colourful battery-powered toy for the younger child which consists of a rotating aeroplane, controls to pilot it, and some cardboard obstacles (a mountain and an office building) to avoid. Originally made in Japan, this is a very fun toy to play with, notably due to these obstacles and also the ability to perform loop-the-loop aerobatics with the plane!  This one is in very good condition – a couple of minor issues only. One, is the lack of instructions but that’s not a problem, given that it’s so simple to use. Second, the missing stickers on the aircraft wings. Again, in our opinion, a very minor flaw. The stickers elsewhere are in excellent condition.

There are no chips or cracks to the casing and mechanically everything works as it should. It does benefit hugely from using the best possible batteries (size “C”) you can lay your hands on.  The battery compartment itself is nice and clean – no corrosion. The box is a little bit worn and the original owner, Nicola – hello Nicola! – has written her name on the front of it. We hope she doesn’t mind that we’re selling it on after having had a good old play with it.


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