Sold Out

Vintage 1979 Tomy Turn The Terrible Tank Action Game


A shooter game in the style of “Crossfire” but instead of attempting to score goals with your ball bearing shots, the aim of Tomy’s Turn The Terrible Tank is to try to turn a menacing tank on your opponent. Once the game starts the battery-driven tank randomly sets off in the direction of one of the player’s bases, at the end of the bridge-like structure. A direct hit to the underside of the tank changes its direction towards the other player. If the tank makes it to either end it results in the base “exploding” (a section of it physically pops out!) and a point is scored by the other player. It’s a game of some skill and – significant “quality control” testing confirms this- it is highly entertaining.

Complete and in good condition for a game which is now over 40 years old and which is increasingly uncommon to find in good order. One for adults who remember being children or remember this particular game fondly and wish to play it with their own, perhaps!


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