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1970s Red Sanyo Stereocast RM5430 Flip Clock Radio with Alarm

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A slice of mid-1970s Japanese tech, with looks to accompany the Toyota Celica and Datsun 260Z cars of the same era. Finished in a fetching red, it’s unashamed in its aesthetics, with bold black front panel with silver detailing and a sloping section upon which several sliding controls (volume/band/radio function) and the “Sanyo” branding appears.

Technically, the RM5430 is an AM/FM radio with alarm (buzzer or radio), sleep mode (up to 3 hours, no less!) and alarm snooze (“auto repeat” as it’s termed here) and a flip clock, and it runs from a 240V-rated power supply. To the rear of the unit is the reason for the “stereocast” label – the ability to output to stereo speakers instead of the on-board mono speaker. And alongside that a headphone socket.

The unit is in full working order and good cosmetic condition, with no cracks to the plastic body and only minor signs of age and use (superficial grazes or scratches and a couple of very small “dings” to edges). The silver detailing around the knobs on the front panel has worn slightly away in places from use and there is some wear around the branding badge but otherwise it’s in good visual shape, considering its age.

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