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Vintage Navy Blue Metek Folding Portable Desk Lamp


The “Metek” folding lamp is a miniature triumph of engineering, packing a lot into a very small package. This one, believed to date from the 1950s, is in an unusual and original navy blue colour. It has the wear you would absolutely expect from a lamp which was designed to travel:  this portable lamp folds up clam-like with the shade forming one half and the base the other, in order for it to be neatly stowed away and taken on the road or on the rails. A ball joint in the base and an adjustable joint below the shade provide the flexible angles required and the spring-loaded clamp built into the base allows the lamp to be firmly attached to an appropriate surface or object.

The lamp folds down into a compact form measuring approximately 16cm length by 12cm width by 11cm depth (6¼in. by 5in. by 4½in.) and  comes with approximately 2m (6ft) of cabling to the plug.


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