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Vintage “Space Wheel” Kinetic Perpetual Desktop Motion Toy made by Downpace Ltd.


Very uncommon and very captivating, this is the “Space Wheel”, made in Taiwan and sold by Downpace. It’s a kinetic, perpetual motion toy which uses the power of a magnetic field to help propel a three-legged “wheel” back and forth across it. On a black plastic base with clear acrylic, the Space Wheel is a simple but elegant piece of desktop distraction. See it working here:

This one is complete and boxed with only very minor signs of age and wear, and includes some intriguingly titled and worded “instructions”. Assembling the Space Wheel requires no tools or glue – the runners simply slot into the base, a HP7/PP3 battery is inserted on the connectors on the inside of the base, and, with a gentle nudge from one end of the runners, the wheel will find momentum and keep going until removed.

When assembled, the Space Wheel measures approximately 33cm (11 in.) across, with a height of about 7.5cm (3 in.) and depth of 6.5cm (2½ in.).


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