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Vintage Tri-ang Mechanical Washing Machine Toy No. 272


A very charming – and clearly of its time – “mechanical” washing machine toy made by Tri-ang and rather amusingly daubed with the slogan: “No more Blue Mondays when tots are happy with a Tri-ang washer”.  It’s a plastic toy washer with wind-up mechanism, a mangle, and a lid, and it does work – the “motor” generates enough power to turn soapy water (we used Fairy Liquid in “testing”) into a froth to clean dolly’s clothes (none available at time of testing!).

This particular example has a couple of things to note. The original key to the wind-up mechanism is provided but not attached. At some point in the washing machine’s history it has been replaced, possibly because it no longer fitted snugly. Additionally, the lid to the washer – although present – is somewhat out of shape. It will sit in place, but it requires a bit of finesse due to this. It’s nice to have it, though. Included is the hose (somewhat inflexible due to age) and attachment which affixes to the rear of the unit to stop the water draining out and rests on the side of the washer. The box is present too, but it has some pen “drawings” on it. We say “but”, however, they add further charm when you look closely at what has been drawn. The box itself is in reasonable structural condition and the original labels are more or less there.

With mangler attached, the washer measures approximately 19cm (7½ in.) in height and the body of the washer is about 11.5 cm (4½ in.) square.


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