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Vintage Unused German Lampette Small Telescopic Desk Lamp Eichhoff-Werke


This is the “Lampette” by Eichhoff-Werke, a small telescopic desk lamp. This one is in unused condition – the cabling which fits into the lower part of the lamp still has a paper band around it and appears never to have been removed from that location, and the shade still has the original corrugated cardboard protector inside it. In addition, the original small brochure of instructions is present, as is the small metal plate for wall mounting, polystyrene packing material and a somewhat battered and slightly damaged box. It’s not often you’d find a lamp of this age in an unused state.

The diminutive form of the “Lampette” resembles a two-part truncated cone when opened – with the shade appearing to match the top of the base – whilst in reality the shade fits to the bottom of the base when closed, with the arm rotating around the upturned base rather than collapsing into the top as is often the case with telescopic lamps.

The body of the lamp is a light grey/silver tone with the interior of the shade finished in white, with chromed metal and silver tone detailing. The lamp has two intensity settings for flexible illumination and the arm on which the shade sits extends from a lowly 13cm (5¼ in.) to 40cm (15¾ in.) and rotates through 360 degrees. The shade is hinged where it meets the arm allowing for further flexibilty, allowing the shade to be positioned downwards almost at the perpendicular to almost vertically upwards. To get an idea of how it looks in use, please refer to this page for a previously stocked Lampette.

The base has a diameter of 8cm (3¼ in.) and a height of 9cm (3½ in.) and the shade measures approximately 7cm (2¾ in.) in length with an opening of 5cm (2 in.).  In its most compact form the entire lamp measures therefore about 15cm (6 in.) in length. The lamp is rated to a 220V power supply and takes a 6V 25W bulb, a dimmable motoring bulb style (small bayonet) fit, and it is currently wired to a continental two pin plug (but has been successfully used with a three pin adapter). In very good overall cosmetic condition, bar  some minor storage wear and very sound mechanically.


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