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Vintage Westclox Electric Alarm Clock with Buzzer and Flashing Light


Very much of its time, this Westclox alarm clock, made in Scotland, has a brushed metal effect clock face with blue and light green detailing, red sweep hand, a lamp which flashes alongside the buzzer alarm, and is housed in a cream/white rectangular plastic body (it may have been white originally but it has aged slightly to a cream tone). It is mains powered. The alarm functions perfectly and is set using the dial on the rear of the body, where the dial to set the time is also located. The buzzer is extremely effective as a waker-upper – in other words, it’s loud. The lamp flashes at the same time meaning you’ve absolutely no excuses for missing your wake up call! The alarm is deactivated on a temporary basis by pushing the button down on top of the unit and disabled more permanently by sliding the button slightly forwards when depressed, to latch it in place.

In good condition, with only minor signs of wear and age to the plastic body, and fully functional.

A really nice-looking and effective alarm clock which hopefully will find a suitably retro environment in which to wake up the inhabitants!


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