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1980s “Air Blitz” toy by Mako – “Chutes Away” / “Air Rescue” style target game


If you’re familiar with Marx Toys’ “Chutes Away” or Gabriel’s “Air Rescue” (also its own variant “Night Rescue”) then you’ll immediately recognise this early 1980s target game made by Mako and called “Air Blitz” as a variant of the same. It has the same principle and is almost identical: a rotating board with an aeroplane guided by the player (via the eye piece) to drop pieces (parachutists, supplies, take your pick) onto targets on the aforementioned playing surface. It’s deceptively difficult and very entertaining. No batteries, it’s all wind-up power here!

This Mako version is in great cosmetic condition. Some of the stickers are as yet unapplied to the aeroplane and most importantly all of the playing pieces (the weighted parachutes) are present and correct and there’s no damage to the aeroplane – both common defects.  A couple of the stickers which have been applied are peeling away or are mislocated (perhaps that’s why the rest didn’t make it!), but that aside, it’s in excellent shape.  The box is somewhat tatty and over-exuberant use of tape at some point has caused some issues, but given the completeness and condition of the contents, this is a minor drawback.


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