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Early 1980s Brown and Silver Philips Model 390 Digital Clock Radio


A small digital clock radio with red LED display in a good-looking brown and silver body, this is the Philips model 390, which dates from the early 1980s.  It’s a fairly standard piece of kit in terms of functions, with sleep, snooze and alarm mode options, but the styling is something of a cross-over from the seventies to the eighties. The top is dominated by the grille over the speaker, and whilst the angled front of the unit is a silver grey tone, the rest of it is a deep brown colour.

It’s a compact design – the unit measures 24cm across the front, 16cm from front to back and 6cm in height (9½, 6¼ and 2½ in. respectively) – and not without style, and it’s fully functional. There are some minor signs of wear and age but nothing which detracts visually. There is a little bit of dust inside the display, common in these units, but far from the worst we’ve seen. An optional battery (PP3) provides backup power for the clock (not supplired).


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