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Set of 8 “International” glasses by Libbey (1959-61)


Made by the American company of Libbey, this is a complete set of eight colourful glasses depicting international cities: Madrid, Athens, Hague, Havana, London, Rome, Bombay, and Paris.  Perfect for your “Mad Men” cocktail cabinet (if you have one) or for any enthusiastically retro drinking environment 😉

The presence of the Havana glass dates the set between 1959 and 1961 (see the 1959-60 Libbey Catalogue here: .  Because of the Bay of Pigs / Cuban Missile Crisis – and the sensitivity of having a Cuba-related item in the set-  Nassau replaced Havana in 1962.

The glasses are in the “Double Old Fashioned” tumber glass style of the range and each is approximately 4in (10cm) high with a diameter of 3in (8cm) around the rim. Overall, the glasses are in very good condition, aside from a nibble on the rim of the “Havana” glass which is a shame but we don’t think that it renders the set any less desirable.


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