Vintage Hitachi KC-S51L Synthesised Voice Clock Radio (1981)


A rare Hitachi digital clock radio dating from the early 1980s which has a few tricks up its sleeve. Inside the very square silver body is a synthesised voice system which tells the time on command, can be set to “chime” at intervals, and also provides wake-up and sleep notification duties.  The voice is suitably retro – an American=accented deep male tone which is certainly a throwback to pre-Alexa times! There’s a three-band FM/MW/LW radio which produces a good sound and can be the alarm source, too. Also of note is the blue VFD digital display which can be dimmed and is very pleasing in use.

In good condition considering its age and use, with only superficial wear and tear to the unit. Believed to be fully working – all the major functions (the clock, radio and alarm) have been tested and confirmed functional. Some of the settings buttons on the left hand side of the unit require a definite “push” to operate, but they do work.

Measuring approximately 18.5cm square (7¼ in.) with a depth of 9cm (3½ in.).

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