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Vintage Leather Effect Wood and Board Desktop Paper or Letter Tray with Lid


Definitely vintage, possibly antique, but certainly only befitting of someone important with a desk to match their status. This large leather effect paper or letter tray has a leather effect finish and a burgundy lining to the base and the underside of the lid. The lid itself is sturdy and ensures no papers are allowed to escape the confines of the tray. It’s a combination of wood and a kind of compressed paper board, whilst the knob on the lid is solid wood, so it’s solid in construction and feels like it has some quality to it. It has signs of wear and age throughout, but that only adds to the charm and makes it more appealing in situ.

It measures 23.5cm (9¼ in.) across the front, 36cm (14¼ in.) from front to back, and has a height of 6cm (2½ in.).


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